Nimeto - Develop a visual identity that resonates with young audiences in the long term

Proud to introduce our Visual Identity design and the long-term partnership we share with Nimeto

About Nimeto: With a legacy of over 100 years, Nimeto has been a beacon of quality craftsmanship, offering project education at MBO, fostering lifelong learning, and empowering teachers to lead by example in their profession.

The Design Process: Our journey began with a focus on the future of education. By collaborating with staff and students and delving into future student studies, we crafted a timeless foundation that can be adapted in contemporary ways.

The New Identity: The outcome is a distinctive style that brings together all the unique elements of Nimeto. Their diverse community comes to life through a dynamic, colorful, and visually captivating system, allowing for infinite combinations – a true reflection of Nimeto's identity: idiosyncratic, innovative, and accessible.

Unique Nimeto Grid: Nimeto proudly presents itself as the professional school of creative space makers. The concept of space, whether for living, others, growth, or making a difference, is translated into a versatile grid. This grid enables the creation of 2- or 3-dimensional spaces, opening up various visual possibilities. Our sleek word mark complements this, offering more room for creativity with the cube.

Diversity and Inclusivity: The Nimeto Grid gives birth to a striking letter N – a symbol of our motivating, creative students. The oblique N also resembles an explosive lightning bolt, representing their dynamic spirit. Moreover, it stands for Nimeto's core value of diversity. In any font and at a 30-degree angle, each N can independently form the Nimeto logo.

A Rich Palette of Possibilities: Our visual identity encompasses a rich palette of materials, colors, and shapes, amplifying the dynamics and inspiring endless possibilities for the present and the future. Students, staff, and partners of Nimeto will continue to enrich this palette over the years, making each expression unique, yet united as the Nimeto family.

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