Naar Buiten - Delve into the world of dementia with a compassionate approach

Janske Hombergen’s ‘Naar Buiten’ offers a compassionate perspective on dementia care

About the book: ‚Naar Buiten' by Janske Hombergen is a heartfelt and evocative book that delves into the world of dementia with a unique approach. It explores the therapeutic potential of nature and shared childhood memories in rekindling the spark of reminiscence for those living with dementia. Reading ‚Naar Buiten', readers will get on a nostalgic journey through the lens of a young child who, like many of us, marveled at the wonders of nature during their early years. The author, inspired by her own memories, engaged with older individuals and tapped into their recollections of yesteryears. The book beautifully weaves in nature-related proverbs and sayings, adding cultural depth to the narrative. Through engaging storytelling, memories from childhood began to resurface, bridging the gap between generations.

About the design: Our design philosophy for ‚Naar Buiten’ is rooted in simplicity and authenticity. Given the book's intended audience of elderly individuals living with dementia, we opted for a traditional and dignified layout that enhances the book's readability and imparts a hint of retro charm. The classic design provides ample space for the beautiful seasonal nature photographs, all captured by the author herself based on her childhood memories. The book's storytelling goes beyond words, extending into the visual realm. We crafted the visual narrative to ensure a seamless flow that enriches the verbal stories and sparks remembrance. To aid in navigating the book's diverse content, which includes journal entries, writings, songs, poems, and recipes, we introduced small symbols to mark each section. This thoughtful touch helps readers connect the various elements of the narrative cohesively.


Janske Hombergen

Text & Photography
Janske Hombergen

Graphic Design
Studio Renate Boere

Ed van Hinte


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