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ScreenWear - Exploring Digital Fashion is an event organized by Zefir7/BNO, through which audiences explore the world of Digital Fashion with two lectures by curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren and digital designer Suzanne Mulder from Studio PMS. Studio Renate Boere gladly designed the event's animated posters and social media posts.

Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren:
Digital fashion is no longer science fiction. Fashion that consists of pixels instead of textiles is an almost unnoticed part of everyday life for many people. We are slowly moving towards the Metaverse: the future virtual world of the internet in which our physical environment will merge with the digital one. There is already a wide range for the necessary digital wardrobe: from comfortable hoodies that you buy as NFT to designs that go beyond the laws of nature for your social media. Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren, the curator of the exhibition Screenwear – Exploring Digital Fashion in Design Museum Den Bosch, gives a talk about this digital world at Screenwear - Exploring Digital Fashion.

Suzanne Mulder:
Studio PMS is a digital design collective consisting of three creatives. The collective has a strong affinity with interdisciplinary projects using innovative techniques, from 3D modeling and animation to holograms, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Their main goal is to redefine digital tactility. This ambition manifests itself through Screenwear. A digitized version of pieces from the Centraal Museum Utrecht. Curious how they breathe digital life into museum artifacts? Suzanne Mulder, co-founder of Studio PMS, can give you a glimpse into the wonders of digital design.

-1: Carol Civre, CGI Portrait, 2020 (revised 2022)
-2: Harriet Davey, Whowle, 2022
-3: STUDIO PMS, Bijenkorf SS22 Trends, 2022
Graphic design by Studio Renate Boere

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