Beyond Design - The Game of Social Solutions

While writing the designer’s novel, Beyond Design, Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful, Renate Boere discovered a simple 10-step method that anyone can use for self-initiating a project. Through the format of an interactive game, the method makes accessible Boere’s lifetime of professional experience and knowledge as a designer and teacher. Both the book and the game are available in our webshop.

Beyond Design, The Game of Social Solutions is the perfect workshop tool for anyone interested in setting up their own socially relevant design project. Learn to generate, communicate, visualize, and evaluate creative ideas in a fun and collaborative way!

Get ready!

With this game, you’ll gain insights into how you create, present, and evaluate social design solutions in a fast and fun way.

  • PERFECT TOOL FOR GENERATING IDEAS, BRAINSTORMING & TEAM-BUILDING - Beyond Design The Game will help amp up your associative thinking skills and help you quickly generate ideas whilst working collaboratively.
  • DEVELOP SYSTEM THINKING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Get better at streamlining your thinking and communicating your ideas effectively.
  • UNCOVER EXISTING INSPIRATION AND CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES - Spark new inspiration with existing ideas and explore new possibilities of bringing it to life.
  • GET BETTER AT CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING: Learn to generate innovative solutions to complex social issues quickly.
  • IMPROVE CONFIDENCE IN PITCHING YOUR IDEAS - Practice makes perfect. The game provides a supportive framework for anyone to practice and get better at enrolling people in their ideas.
  • IDEAL FOR CLASSROOMS, WORKSHOPS, AND GROUPS - Whether you’re using the game as an experiential teaching tool for students, facilitating a workshop for your team, or hosting an activity for you and your friends. The Beyond Design game is a perfect group activity for adolescents, adults, and kids age 12+.
Colophon Beyond Design - The Game of Social Solutions

Design and Concept Studio Renate Boere, Renate Boere, Quirine Dob, Pia Jacques de Dixmude, Jennifer Kumer

Publisher Bis Publishers

Publication Date November 2020

Language English

ISBN 9789063695958

Price €15,00

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‘Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions’ downloads

Running low on game worksheets? No worries, you can download and print extra copies here.

HINT: Want to print the A4 template on both sides of the paper? Print the first page on an A4 paper, flip it and put it back into your printer so that it can print on the blank side next. You can separate the 4 worksheets apart by drawing a line between the small 'X's and cutting the paper along those lines.
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