Disco* magazine, how artistic research can create connectivity

How artistic research can create artistic connectivity

DISCO* Magazine is the sparkling documentation of designer and artistic researcher Cynthia Hathaway’s 2-year investigation and communal development towards a research theme, Artistic Connective Practices, at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Tilburg (FHK).

Showcasing ‘learning through doing’, this magazine is a journey through a series of artistic interventions to reveal, test and debate artistic connective processes and learning practices. Creating a research space in a school foyer, a potato garden in a public garden, developing radical student workshops and a harvesting festival, the necessary space for ‘the artist and institution in – relation’ was tested and problematized in real time.

DISCO* magazine is not only the documentation of this process, but a proposition to continue Hathaway’s different actions she and the community took during her research, and what has (sometimes literally) grown out from it. Highlighting the importance of connective response-ability, this magazine supports FHK as a growing artistic research institute, and an inclusive community to nourish artistic connective skills, mindsets and care.

Artistic connective practices are not delegated to one particular institute. They are artistic practices to be developed, shared and supported in a variety of contexts, in and out of the arts. Furthermore, they are vital search engines for enabling resilient societies and ways of being with the world.

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DISCO*, Creating Artistic Connective Practices through Artistic Research

Author Cynthia Hathaway

Contributor Elise Wortel

Design Studio Renate Boere, Renate Boere, Pia Jacques, Naomi Groeneveld

Publisher Hybrid Crocodile

Year of publishing 2020

Print ORO Grafisch Projectmanagement

Pages 48

Studio Renate Boere / Abraham van Beyerenstraat 4 / 2525 TG Den Haag / +31(0)70 2167612 / +31(0)6 24525557 /