Lezing 'Next Economy / Next Democracy?'


Lezing 'Next Economy / Next Democracy?'

Studium Generale, Willem de Kooning Academy

This Studium Generale, titled ‘Next Economy / Next Democracy?’ will be dedicated to the upcoming elections on March 15 2017. The aim is to show the potential of the Next Economy’s skills and tools for different contexts, such as politics. The core questions focus on the role of design in times of elections. How is the voting process designed to guide, direct or even manipulate us, the voters? And how do artists and designers make us aware of these, sometimes hidden, mechanisms?

Through which visionary scenarios of possible ‘Next Democracies’ do they encourage us to vote? The speakers include artists and designers that employ the knowledge, strategies, aesthetics and technologies we are already exploring in the context of Next Economy: Service Design, Branding, Data Design and New Frontiers.

The Studium Generale will be hosted by Ronald van Tienhoven, artist and lecturer in the New Frontiers programme.


Renate Boere: StickerStemWijzer (StickerVoteMatch), Game Democracity and No Guts No Glory
Renate Boere is a designer, curator, lecturer and founder of Studio Renate Boere, a design studio that explores the latest graphic design practices, develops interactive installations, hybrid publishing and initiates self-initiated innovative products. Renate will discuss 3 projects that investigate the role of the designer in the context of politics. What are possible contributions to the voting process from the point of view of a designer? How can designers take a stand in times of elections? Besides, she will shine her light on the branding aspect of these projects.

Justien Marseille: Next Economy / Next Democracy
Justien Marseille is futurist, founder of the future institute and senior lecturer/researcher at ‘Creating 010’, one of the research centres of Hogeschool Rotterdam. Her motto is to be critical and without fear about possible futures. “Towards respected inequality.” Justien will talk about the possibilities of Next Democracies and possible future innovations within the current political system and process.

Jasmine de Bruycker: The Parliament of Things
Jasmine de Bruycker is a designer, researcher, journalist and programme maker in Brussels.. She will discuss the aim of the The Parliament of Things, in word and image, in theories and actions. From a speculative point of view, she proposes possible new scenarios for political representation: the politics of ‘Things’. Besides, she will address philosophical topics such as the Anthropocene and post-humanism.

Rogier Klomp: Can Data Save Democracy / How to lie with data.
How is data design used to direct and manipulate us in times of elections? Rogier Klomp is a trans-disciplinary designer specialised in Animated Documentaries, Graphic Journalism and Data Design. He is currently working on the projects called ‘Propaganda by the People’ and ‘Can Data Save Democracy?’ ‘The time is now’, ’Space for growth’ these are the campaign slogans that we’re used to. They are meant to address as many people as possible, that’s why they are reduced to meaninglessness. But no more: with new data analysis available politicians who can place tailor-made campaign posts on your timeline, designed just for you based on your personal data. Micropropaganda is changing the political landscape.”

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