Orange Sunshine - Underware


Rock Band, one of the biggest games that has ever been imagined (Wired), will be released this summer in Europe. The game is about performing legendary rocksongs in front of a screen. As official rock-type, the typeface Fakir was chosen.

For this occasion Underware asked rock legend Orange Sunshine to dedicate their next vinyl release to the typeface Fakir. Inspired by the typeface, the band members composed two new numbers which will be released (and sold in record stores) this summer.

Underware invites designers & rockers to design the sleeve. From all contributions an international jury will select one design, which will be the official vinyl release.

Please send us your designs as jpegs in 600 px by 600 px* - front and back
Deadline: 15 May 2008 (one contribution per studio, band or designer).
Please send you design to:

Free font
For this competition Underware designed a special rock-version of Fakir. You can download it here. You don’t have to use this typeface for the competition, you may also make your own type.

Design specifications
Basically all is possible. Somewhere you should mention the bandname (Orange Sunshine) and the name of the single (Fakir). The sleeve will be a 7-inch (17.78 cm). Please design back & front.

Studio Renate Boere / Abraham van Beyerenstraat 4 / 2525 TG Den Haag / +31(0)70 2167612 / +31(0)6 24525557 /